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    Default Dancing in the Camp

    Does anyone remember when they released the camp dj line-up last year? I thought it came out the day festival set times were released. Pretty excited for that.
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    not happening this year.

    in fact at 1am precisely they're going to release attack dogs.
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    ^It's true. A pack of wild Corgis. A horrendous death has never looked cuter.

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    I actually would really like to know this too..

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    Well, if I'm not mistaken, the group that put on the dance/afterhours tent in the campground is NOT doing it this year...Though who knows, perhaps there is some unknown/unheard of group doing something similar!
    5/20 U2 @ Rosebowl
    5/26 Band of Horses @ Cosmo
    5/27 Foster the People
    6/3 Modest Mouse @ Brooklyn Bowl
    6/24 Tool @ Glen Helen Amp
    7/3 Iron Maiden/Ghost @ Tmobile Arena
    7/14 Phoenix @ Brooklyn Bowl
    7/21-23 FYF Fest
    8/18 Young the Giant/Cold War Kids
    9/22-24 Life is Beautiful
    9/30 Depeche Mode @ TMobile Arena
    10/21 Pixies @ Cosmo

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