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Thread: parking map?

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    Smile parking map?

    so last year i remember the first night it took a couple hours to get out of the main parking lot, and then on the next night we parked in a totally different lot which was smaller and a lot faster to get out. i was wondering if there was a parking map i was missing somewhere? or if anyone had any tips?
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    Funny you should ask.

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    Yes the maps are way WAY better this year

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    So... no blockade at 52nd and Madison. Does this mean people will be cutting the car camping line there again this year?

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    Maybe a noob question, but what are the toll booths?

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    Honey Badger St. doesn't give a fuck!!
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    Maybe a noob question, but what are the toll booths?
    Curious, as well, since that's where good ol' Lot 4 used to be.

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