I know there are still plenty of tickets out there...but the after-market purchasing process is just filthy with scams and scalpers. I have been scouring craigslist, but to no particular success...I refuse to pay $800 for a GA wristband...people have lost their minds (or souls). I'm currently in the SB area staying with my boyfriend at his parents' house...but can also easily meet in Ventura..or L.A. particularly on the way to the festival obviously.

cash in hand for face value wristbands. just for the two of us...we're also still on the look-out for a camping pass..but hoping a little improvisation will save us if we can't get one. have been to a ton of east coast festivals, because I am visiting from Savannah, GA but I have lusted after going to Coachella for an eternity. usually volunteer, but they didn't offer any positions...I'm really just so glad to finally be in a position to have made it these thousands of miles to be in cali with this year's line-up...but just wanting to get situated with wristbands beforehand if possible.
you know the deal...hit me up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
Maggie Hayes
912.344.1329 (call/text fine)
(prefer email to PM because I get email to my phone and can respond more quickly)