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    Has GV said anything about putting up more cell towers or doing anything to improve the reception? I have AT&T so I'm probably fucked regardless.

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    Golden voice call girls

    Get verizon fool. I live at 5000 feet elevation around pine trees and I get service. Atnt sucks. Verizon has your precious iphone now.

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    It has more to do with capacity than signal strength hydr1, but I am sure you knew that...

    If the grounds were blanketed well with the AT&T wifi that would help with a lot of the backhaul strain, but I won't hold my breath.
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    All I know is mine works..and when it goes wild at night and no ones shit works...neither does my when im looking at my phone its just oozing...worthless..shut it off and bust it out when the shows over. Done!
    have your group meet between certain times at the bird or the tesla coils or the beer garden...done.

    Get wjld and throw your phone. Frychella!

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