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    6th Appalachian Uprising Festival

    From the Hills of Southern Ohio, Apparition Productions is proud to present the sixth annual Appalachian Uprising.

    The Uprising, set to run May 31st June 2nd 2007 at Eden Valley Farm in Scottown Ohio, boasts a lineup of newgrass legends and the some of the hottest newgrass/bluegrass bands on the circuit today. So the Uprising can serve as a history lesson on where this music came from and the many directions it is going in today.

    The Appalachian Uprising was created as a way to bring positive energy to a very depressed area in Appalachian Ohio. Drawing from music that originated in these hills, Apparition Productions has managed to start a buzz of positive energy that we can hope will continue to grow with all of your help!

    Other artists will be added so please check the website for updates, set times, and directions.

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    Default Re: Midwest Smaller Festies

    *based upon tedious fact checking.

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    I live in Ohio and wasn't aware of an Appalachian Ohio.
    The Glitter Freeze

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    That's a bit of a hike, all the way to Coachella, are you going to come to our event???

    Seeing as you're in the area...

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