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Thread: Treasure Island festival 2011

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    despite dealing with the worst jet-lag I have ever experienced (returning from Indonesia), I went for the second half the day on Sunday and was glad I did. Got there right for the start of The Head and The Heart and couldn't get into it. I did find Beach House rather enjoyable, but after 4 songs, things just started to blend together. It wasn't that I didn't like it, but the combined drone of the sound and my jet-lag, made me feel like I was going to fall asleep so I headed to the Silent Disco to get my dance on. Wound up being a good lead into Friendly Fires, though some folks were getting a little obnoxious for my liking with their flailing arms and elbows dance moves. Never seen so many moustaches and beards moving like that. The day really came alive for me when Explosions in the Sky took the stage. They held true to their legacy of loudness, while still being clear. I feel like TIMF was a perfect venue for them. My last experience was at GAMH and honestly, while I appreciate a band that likes to turn it up, sometimes you just have to recognize the sound limitations of venue... that show sucked and the jangly vibrations of that venue at that level of volume just didn't work. Anyways... EITS put on a very solid show at TIMF and reminded me why I enjoy their live performances so much. The Hold Steady were just sort of filler. While I like everything about the band and what they bring forward with their sound and lyrics, the punkness wasn't what I wanted to hear that day. Finally... DCFC. I think this was the 9th or 10th show I've seen of theirs, dating back to 2001 when I saw them for $5 at Chain Reaction in Orange County. Let the haters hate, but I'll always dig this band, even when I want to punch Ben Gibbard in the face. As mentioned in a few posts above, they certainly demonstrated why they were deserving of a headlining slot and I thought their set-list, a well-balanced one of old and new, was perfect. Shit, they even came on 15min early and brought it from the get-go. For me, they played the best set of my day.

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    A little late, but I loved last weekend. Here are my highlights and some photos.

    Cut Copy
    Dizzee Rascal - didn't even plan on watching but this dude impressed.
    Empire of the Sun - first time seeing them. Trippier/louder than I expected(the songs with the vocal effect were cool).
    The Naked and Famous
    Beach House - beautiful sunset set on Treasure Island, are you kidding me? So perfect.
    St. Vincent - rocked the fuck out. I like how she opened with Surgeon, not easy to play.

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    I can't wait for this years

    2001 ~ 2007 ~ 2010 ~ 2011 ~ 2012

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    I have high hopes for this year. They've done a mostly solid job of avoiding fluffy dance music for the Sat lineup. Would love to see Chromatics, Grimes, Azari & III.

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