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Thread: 1st timer riding bike

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    Never been to Coachella. Want to ride bike in. How close to entrance is bike parking? Are there racks or something to lock bikes to? Are helmets required?

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    No there are no bike racks we use the fence by the front gate about 40 50 ft from the main entrance

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    I'm glad somebody finally made a thread about this.
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    I know in the past people used the fences to lock there bike, but any word if there are actual bike racks this year?!

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    first time riding a bike?


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    they have boke parking this year. look at the maps. maps maps claps. the clap.
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    Nothing better than riding a bike to the front gate while EVERYONE else walks it lol !!!

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    why because you are on a bike? that is so cool. bike riders are the future of the world. Is it a fixie?

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    i always chain my shit to the fence. never had a problem.

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    1st timer riding bike
    Don't lose your hymen.
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