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Thread: Was this fence up last year?

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    Default Re: Was this fence up last year?

    Quote Originally Posted by SaharaIsMyHome View Post
    your a pussy! you pussy. you queer. you ******. pussy! he called you out, left his picture for you, and you hid behind your computer screen pussy.

    put your picture up you pussy!!! i love how u talked shit to a girl, but got scared when a guy said something lolol your a pussy!!! ******!!!

    weehhhhh are u going to go cry and shoot up a middle school now???? wehhhhh

    your such a fucking pussy! haha
    Did someone say pussy?

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    Default Re: Was this fence up last year?

    Quote Originally Posted by Monko760 View Post
    Im not going to put myself in any bad situation by fighting someone. win/lose. I will however put one through your ocular cavity with my glock, if you EVER try to touch me. Im not violent but I can and will defend myself. consider this your only warning, you fucken retarded hick.

    edit: offer still stands to BD to come take my job for talking about the pictures somebody else took and somebody different from that posted.
    Monko, is that what you call your 9"? A glock? Just curious because we seem to be on a roll of misunderstanding here, and I certainly don't need to be anymore confused in life as I already am.

    You see, those pictures have nothing to do with why I'd contact your boss...It's your sense of self- entitlement to hopping fences to get into a festival that others paid for that has me thinking your boss should know he hired a potential thief. Let me guess...did you get a position working on the gates and fences? Wouldn't surprise me.

    And, for the record, I saw the CL ad for work Coachella, and even thought about posting the info here, except for my concern that it would only draw lowlifes that only wanted a ticket and their foot in the door to help get their friends in for free, like last year. So far, you've shown me that I probably wasn't assuming wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monko760 View Post
    it stopped being about the tents after the flamewar started, I tend to cause controversy for stating my opinions. especially on a internet message board where every pussy with a little voice in a real crowd now feels empowered to get back at the big mean loud mouths like me.

    If anybody wants any new pictures or info just ask ill be there tomorrow.
    Christ, flame wars aside, I thought this thread was about the fucking fences, not the stage sizes, you dimwit! And opinions are like assholes....everybody's got one. I will respect your opinions. But don't ever expect respect from me if I find out you hopped that fence, got it now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Monko760 View Post
    You know what the pay was fool it was a craigslist job. I was hoping to score an extra ticket(for my friend) or atleast hand out a bunch of cards for my construction company. Im going to ask for the use of one of the tents during the festival for my cooler and a place to retreat to. My employer really likes me since I showed up first on the frist day and actually am used to hard work and produced results unlike most of the rejects that showed up.
    Let me guess again...You now think you're entitled to the use of one of the safari tents too?
    "Who is this doing this synthetic type of Alpha Beta psychedelic funkin'?"

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    Default Re: Was this fence up last year?

    Jesus... this thread still going?? Trolls Trolling trolls = Infinite Trolling.
    C'mon people I thought you knew this.

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    Default Re: Was this fence up last year?

    I have legit passes you dumb bitch. I love you can we be friends? Not BF/GF I already have a GF but you seem so nice!

    Edit: Im sorry I sneaked in one year of the 7 or 8 i have gone. Would you like me to recount the event for evidence, maybe you can file a police report and I can get in trouble.

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    Default Re: Was this fence up last year?

    Oh and I like Daft Punk too so we have something in common!

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    Default Re: Was this fence up last year?

    Go to sleep Monko. Go start a more interesting thread. Maybe people will like you then. Let it go my man... let it go

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    Default Re: Was this fence up last year?

    She will always have the last me you can't win.
    It's best just to knod your head and agree with what she says.
    Please.....don't ask me how I know

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