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Thread: ride from Utah

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    Default ride from Utah

    need a ride from utah, i have a car camping pass that i would let u use in exchange for a ride, thanks

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    Default Re: ride from Utah

    only if your Mormon
    G-funk acquired, thank you Coachella

    Quote Originally Posted by Theijuiel View Post
    Don't watch Conspiracy Theory while on mushrooms.
    You know a festival is in the process of dying when you start to see sports jerseys there....

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    haha actually i am, Coachella is the last thing im doing before going on a mission

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    Maybe......wish I would have known this sooner, partially paid for a condo spot after camping sold out. Only 2 of us in my car though.

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    ohh dang well i have a festival pass and a car camping pass but no ride so i was hoping to catch a ride with someone and just give them my car camping in exchange for a ride

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