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Thread: Missing wristband in package

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    Default Missing wristband in package

    I recieved my Coachella pass today, and I ordered a car camping pass and a GA ticket (wristband). The only thing that came in the orange coachella package was my car camping pass and all the fluff (sticker, calender, lineup, etc). Should I be worried, or will my wristband be shipped in a separate package?

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    I feel like I am reading the same messages over and over
    Shpongle, 3/13, Rialto Theater (Tucson, AZ)
    Of Montreal, 3/21, Rialto Theater (Tucson, AZ)
    Phox, 4/8, Club Congress (Tucson, AZ)
    Coachella, Weekend 1, April 10-12, (Indio, CA)

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    YOU?? hahahaa

    A lot of people's orders were shipped separately. Just wait a few days.. or contact band merch to check
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