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Thread: Other Texas folks in need of rides/camping.

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    Default Other Texas folks in need of rides/camping.

    A small group coming out of Houston and making the drive to Coachella. I'm on the fence of shelling out top dollar for a camping spot that's ridiculously over priced but more people means smaller costs per person. I'm just throwing the line out there to see if another person out there is interested.

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    Hey I am in Ft. Worth and have been searching for a ride... even tried the official ride finder. Anyways, the only way I can make this happen is if I find a ride with some good people asap or fly out. I would gladly pay my part of the camping spot and gas.

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    Default Re: Other Texas folks in need of rides/camping.

    Hi, I payed $350 for a car camping pass, but now I don't need it anymore, I'm selling it for $300 if you are interested, i got it in my hands I can ship it to you tomorrow morning.

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    Smile Re: Other Texas folks in need of rides/camping.

    DONT SPEND MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO! Check out the Afterhours Camp site... It might have gone up but, last i checked it was $45 per person and $65 ea vehicle. It offers almost everything onsite camping does; porta potties, showers, and security!/p...00002192053668

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