I had no problem booking a room for $69 a nite at one of the dozens of Palm Springs gay resorts. I called around and the places I checked all had rooms. These are very nice resorts that are so much cheaper than most of the hotels jacking up their prices for Coachella weekend. The only thing is these are clothing-optional resorts catering to gay men. This means many of them will not admit women guests since there will be public nudity throughout the resort, and some of the resorts can get rather frisky with sexual activity out in the open. But, if you are gay or open-minded and not gonna make the gay guests uncomfortable, this might be an option for those still looking for rooms. If you are looking for a place to crash at nite and are just gonna dart straight (no pun intended) to your room each nite, this shouldn't be an issue as you might see some naked guests walking around but won't really have to interact with them.