Hey all, I frequent the forum but this is my first post so bear with me. I booked a room (2 queen beds) at the Royal Plaza Inn for 3 nights. April 10-13, Friday- Monday of weekend 1. A group of friends have persuaded my group to stay with them but I can't do that until I transfer my current reservation. I want to transfer for exactly what I paid. The hotel website is sold out for both weekends but I paid $1,460 after taxes for weekend 1. I can provide an invoice as proof of the paid amount to show I am not looking to make a profit. The room comes with a private balcony which I thought was pretty cool. Hotel is 3 miles from the venue and the hotel provides shuttles for those who may not have purchased Coachella's shuttle passes.

If anybody is interested or would like more info please email me @ albertmald9@gmail.com