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Thread: Keeping perishables cold for the entire weekend

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    Default Re: Keeping perishables cold for the entire weekend

    Quote Originally Posted by thewoodenman View Post
    Oh dry ice bombs and high school memories. . .
    I've never made Dry Ice Bombs so I looked it up on YouTube. So pretty much the only way to make an ice bomb would be to put some ice in warm water and shake it up? I just don't want shit exploding while I'm sleeping or in the festival.

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    Default Re: Keeping perishables cold for the entire weekend

    Dry ice bombs come from a lot of pressure and exciting the molecules.

    You should be fine.
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    Default Re: Keeping perishables cold for the entire weekend

    I dont even know if I should be posting this in case it inspires some troublemaker to do the complete opposite... but PLEASE NO DRY ICE BOMBS in the campsite!! They are so much louder, harmful, and disruptive than you think... and it will set off literally every car alarm within a thousand feet, and it definitely has the potential to shatter car windows/people's eardrums if close enough, and it WILL hurt someone physically from shrapnel if they are standing in the wrong place. I've seen it happen a few years ago in college. Please don't.

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