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Thread: Looking for Camping Buddies!

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    Default Looking for Camping Buddies!

    So, I got a ticket and a car camping pass...but it sold out before anyone else I know could get tickets.

    Anyone want to share the camping spot? I'm a mid-twenties South African recording studio owner, classical guitarist, and general hooligan. Trained chef, and I will be bringing a good amount of food to cook breakfast every morning (and dinner sometimes)... I plan on getting there Thursday morning, and leaving Monday.

    REALLY looking forward to: The Aquabats, The Black Keys, Empire of the Sun, Mumford and Sons, Schpongle, She Wants Revenge, Phantogram, Nas + Damien Marley, Duran Duran, Kayne West...

    Hit me up! I don't really want to go to a 5 day festival alone, heh.
    My aim is: CthulhuHeartsMe, or just comment here.

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    hey dude
    I am very keen. I am doing Coachella alone as none of my friends got tickets either. bleh
    I like the general hooligan bit hahaha. Chill out during the day, raving menace at night?
    Let me know if you still have a spot left. I am also looking for a ride there and back (there from Ontario airport and back to LAX).
    Hit me up!

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    care to tell me a little more about yourself?

    I live in Venice, so LAX isn't a problem if you can get to Venice the first day...

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    you just assume it's a guy. sexist asshole

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    I'm going to be flying solo since none of my friends got their tickets in time and i'm looking for a laid back group of people to enhance the experience since my own peeps can't be there.

    Just to tell you a bit about myself, I'm 19 from India but I live and grew up in Thailand and now live in LA going to SMC studying Communication. I will have two sets of light gloves on me, so light shows for anyone and everyone who appreciates them. I'm down to split on any costs such as, gas, camping pass, food and etc. This will be my second time to coachella, the first was last year which I managed to make into without a wristband.
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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    I didn't say "you have to be a girl"? wtf man.

    No, I more just want to know if he's a fucking crack head,....

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    Did someone mention crack?

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    Take the dickbag who sneaked in last year and gives shitty light shows! He knows how to manage to to make to!
    2/21: Weyes Blood, Half Waif, 20 Minute Loop, Young Moon @ Swedish American Hall
    2/22: Uniform, Black Marble, Mall Walk, Blank Square @ Starline Social Club
    2/23: Hot Toddies, Great Apes, Brasil
    2/23: Japanese Breakfast, Miya Folick, Dante Elephante, Flying Circles @ Rickshaw Stop
    2/23: Julien Baker @GAMH
    2/24: OCD, Trash Vampire, Phosphene
    2/24: This Will Destroy You, Emma Ruth Rundle @ The Independent
    2/24: Dr. Rubenstein, Erika, Christina Chatfield @ Monarch

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    Shameless self bump...

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    I'm interested - how do I get involved?

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    Default Re: Looking for Camping Buddies!

    look at date posted.
    Quote Originally Posted by bianca93 View Post
    I'm interested - how do I get involved?

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