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Thread: Need camping pass/friends to join!

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    Default Need camping pass/friends to join!

    Fun couple (male and female, 28 years old, veterinarians from Raleigh, NC and Los Angeles, CA), need a place to camp!

    Looking to purchase car camping pass, car companion pass, tent camping pass or join someone's camping group! We would love to be able to bring our car into the campgrounds. PM if you can help!

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    Default Re: Need camping pass/friends to join!

    Fuck you Heather. Don't scalp on here.
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    2/24: Dr. Rubenstein, Erika, Christina Chatfield @ Monarch

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    Default Re: Need camping pass/friends to join!

    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherBarton View Post
    I have a car camping pass I'm selling on Ebay for $400 but if you guys want to make me an offer...

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    Default Re: Need camping pass/friends to join!

    There's two of us coming from NYC (both 31 and friends) and we have a camping spot and no car... email me at

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