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Thread: Weekend Two Car Camping

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    Default Weekend Two Car Camping

    My friend and I (girls) have our own spot and are looking to join a group of campers that have the idea to combine campsites.

    -We plan on arriving Thursday (we're still deciding on a specific time)
    -4/20 friendly

    PM me
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    I have a car camping pass and would possibly like to combine sites, its just 1 male and 1 female.

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    Default Re: Weekend Two Car Camping

    My sister and I are looking to combine spots and arrive some time Thursday afternoon or evening as well. We are 24 and 22 and 4/20 friendly as well in the LA area

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    Default Re: Weekend Two Car Camping

    small group, and I have a total of 4 cars and meeting out there by noon on Thursday

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