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    Default Acts you regret missing?

    I figure everyone that has been to Coachella has at least one act they regret missing. I was wondering what some of your biggest regrets were?

    For me there is a few (despite the fact that I've only been 1 year):

    Vampire Weekend - Got to the fest late on Thursday night and wasn't able to get a wink of sleep. Went back to the campsite and slept on Friday after Them Crooked Vultures (which was at like 9PM). Tiredness was the only excuse to miss them and in hindsight, that isn't a very good excuse.

    Whitest Boy Alive - Same problem as with Vampire Weekend. I was just too tired to see them that day and I really wish I hadn't been. I heard they put on a killer set, which makes me even more upset that I missed it.

    2 Many DJs - A friend I was with insisted we see Tiesto because "he puts on an amazing live set". His set wasn't really that exciting and I wish I had just gone with my gut and seen what I wanted to see.
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