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    Default IO Echo..

    Potential add???
    Touring with Big Pink and A Place to Bury Strangers through March and April?
    Is it true 'Strangers' were not asked back to play? thought I read that..

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    I ordered a CD from their website and never received it. Ergo, fuck these guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by juloxx View Post
    Your stupid

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    I think they're rad. Did you contact the website and follow up on your order? Quick to tell some one to fuck themselves.

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    They opened for Hot Chip in 08. Heres some pics.

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    They were a great start to the weekend for me. I enjoyed their set. Did anyone get the sweet fans they were handing out?

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    I got one of the fans, but then it broke it on me and then I lost it in the food court.

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    I really wanted one of those fans but I was late getting to their set because of the security lines on friday (w1) and only caught the last 3 songs from the back of the tent. | facebook | twitter
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    I was at their set, and early, but never saw anyone handing out the fans. Really want one.
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    That fan saved my life on so many occasions.

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    Still sad that I was stuck in line and missed that set :/

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    The fans were quality too, not cheap paper like most. I gave mine to a friend and she fanned me off during peak hours. The only thing better than getting a free fan is finding someone to fan you with it. This set also kicked ass and was the best way to start off coachella.

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