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Thread: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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    Default Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Having a pretty bad issue right now.

    My girlfriend bought our tickets and camping spot on her card. We did layaway and I paid her cash, but after our initial buy, her information was stolen and she was issued a new card. Front Gate sent her an email telling her to get a hold of them by March 10th to give them the updated information.

    She has emailed Front Gate and gotten no response. She's called both their local Bay Area and national phone numbers and only gotten a busy signal. Any time of day we call, it's busy. We don't want to get our tickets canceled. Anyone had any luck with this? Got a better number to call?

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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    That sucks. I just had to cancel my card over the weekend due to fraudulent charges. Luckily my layaway order has already cleared, otherwise I'd be in the same boat. Good luck, hopefully you get it worked out.
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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    busy signals all day for me. i only purchased companion passes through frontgate, so i'm not as concerned. the problem is, i have no idea why they werent able to process my order... they didn't specify what went wrong, and i can't get ahold of them. keep calling though, apparently you have until 3/10 to get things squared away.

    good luck sir.
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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    It's like trying to win a fucking radio contest.

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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I called a couple days ago and got busy signals the first few times I called. Eventually, I got through though. All I can say is keep trying, and good luck. If you sent them an email though, that provides some evidence that you attempted to contact them. Therefore, if they cancel your tickets, youll have some evidence to show they were in the wrong.

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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Harrisment View Post
    That sucks. I just had to cancel my card over the weekend due to fraudulent charges. Luckily my layaway order has already cleared, otherwise I'd be in the same boat. Good luck, hopefully you get it worked out.
    Hey there,
    I had to email them this past weekend about an issue i had and it took them about a day and a half to respond. Id hold tight as im sure they are pretty swamped at the moment with all the ticket inquiries.
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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Got through on the phone twice yesterday. First time I was on hold for 10 minutes and had to hang up. Second time I was on hold for 20 minutes and got a person. got my issue settled. Redial like a mofo!
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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Quote Originally Posted by SepaGroove View Post
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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I was kind of in the same boat because I lost my wallet and had to cancel my cards and get new ones. After trying to figure out the time zones, I called and got through after five minutes. Try calling just after the phone lines open. Once I got through, the Frontgate staff asked for my order number, then my new credit card number. The amount was deducted immediately and I received the confirmation email as soon as I hung up.

    I know you must be worried (I was worried as fuck too until I called in) so just keep trying and take comfort in the fact that it will most probably be resolved immediately.

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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    The chick I spoke to on the phone last week told me they respond to email inquiries usually within 24-36 hours, but she was able to resolve my issue quickly. Just keep someone mentioned above, try to call when they open. I called them at 4:00PST and waited on hold for about 40 mins before ever talking to someone. Once I did get in touch with them the issue was settled really quickly, though. GOOD LUCK!
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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    To add to the encouragement, I was also on hold for 10 or 15 minutes, but when I got through, the person on the phone was able to resolve my issue in five minutes and I had the e-mail I needed instantly. Just keep trying to get through on the phone. Make sure you have enough time to wait on hold. Once you're on hold, stay there. Based on the previous respnoses and my own experience, the people who finally answer the phone seem to know what they are doing and will take care of your issue quickly. Hopefully this will alleviate some of your worry.

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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    just so everyone knows.. and im sure i have said this before


    thousands of people are calling them, over and over, and emailing them over and over, due to the email we sent about shipping.

    it's an overwhelming influx of calls. JUST WAIT. They will get back to you. RELAX. DONT WORRY ABOUT MARCH 10. STOP WORRYING.

    Contact them ONCE via email with your situation, include your order number. AND THEN TAKE A CHILL PILL.
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    Default Re: Front Gate Tickets (HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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