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Thread: GRUM - Reasonable late add

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    Default GRUM - Reasonable late add

    He just added some CA tour stops..

    would be perfect for beefing up Saturdays schedule!!!!

    Apr 15 TBC LA, CA

    Apr 17 TBC San Francisco, CA

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    Default Re: GRUM - Reasonable late add

    Ooh! That would be tasty... fingers crossed.
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    Default Re: GRUM - Reasonable late add

    One would hope but GV has screwed the pooch on that sort of thing before.
    Like last year when there were tons of great opening acts performing with Coachella acts that could have been added to fill the many many gaps left by the volcano, but none were.

    Also, GV has a hardon for drum and bass for some stupid reason this year.
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    Default Re: GRUM - Reasonable late add

    I wouldn't be surprised if he played a campground set.

    5/16: Mount Kimbie @ Neumo's
    5/21: Fever Ray @ The Showbox
    5/25-27: Sasquatch
    6/9: Huichica Music Festival
    6/5: Sleep @ The Showbox
    6/6: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard @ the Showbox
    6/23: Snail Mail, Bonny Doon @ The Crocodile
    7/12: My Bloody Valentine @ Paramount
    7/21: Bombino @ The Crocodile
    9/6: The War on Drugs, Land of Talk @ The Paramount

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    Default Re: GRUM - Reasonable late add

    that would be so awesome.. I freakin love Grum.. He would be better at night anyways...

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