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    I'm pretty bummed SBTRKT overlapped completely with Miike Snow, which turned out to be an amazing set in its own right. I saw some of the official footage of SBTRKT playing Wildfire and was pretty impressed but again saddened I had to miss it. Anyone deal with this conflict the other way around?

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    Much better than the set played at ultra. Most likely due to being in a tent at night.

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    Yea, I was torn between miike ( who I had just been introduced to) and Sbtrkt ( who i have been jammin to all of 2011). I obviously chose SBTRKT and it was my favorite show all weekend. A little bummed after catching the miike snow footage tho

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    I had heard mixed reviews of the live set but I was pleasantly surprised. Twas rockin'.

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    went with miike snow for my 3rd time seeing them, wish i had stayed in the gobi for sbtrkt.
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    one of my faves too! plus i had a ton of fun with one of those laser pointers that make the dot patterns giving myself a little light show on the tent ceiling

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    Quote Originally Posted by bemerritt View Post
    Much better than the set played at ultra. Most likely due to being in a tent at night.
    Definitely agree... same with Flylo, neither of them really were playing to their crowd at Ultra, and during the day just isn't the same.

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    Went to rip the audio (finally) from the official wildfire video today and saw that it has been set to private :/ anyone have a rip of the audio/video from that? I like it better than the original or the drake remix haha
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    I think someone ripped the audio from his set. Look in the 2012 recording thread.
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    via their Facebook
    what a year its been! looking fwd to the next one - 2013 will bring a new album and also starting the year with a live album . thanks to all who of you who have been to any of these shows or supported the music in 2012. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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