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Thread: 2011 Polar Plunge tomorrow

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    Default 2011 Polar Plunge tomorrow

    I really did not know where else to post this, considering this isn't a music event. But is anyone else going to this tomorrow at Crissy Field? I'll probably be there around 10:30am to join the drinking festivities.

    Polar Plunge

    I just found out my friend is taking the plunge, and he really sucks at advertising this information. So... for any of you kind-hearted people that would like to help out the Special Olympics, I would really appreciated if you made a small donation to Jason Korres. Remember that it's tax deductible!

    I know this might be considered Spam, so delete it if you have to, but THINK OF THE KIDS!

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    Default Re: 2011 Polar Plunge tomorrow

    If any of you donated, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (even if it was just $0.50, $5.00 or $100.00). The Special Olympics is an event that these people look forward to every year. They may not or do not have the luxury that we have of attending many and massive events, or just to go out at night and hang out with friends to have a few drinks.
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