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    Default The Smiths Project

    California musician Janice Whaley took on a very ambitious project last year, recording vocal-only covers of every single song The Smiths ever recorded – that’s 71 different tracks. She completed The Smiths Project by the end of 2010 and with the help of her friends and fans, has a box set ready to go. “The music contains no instruments – everything you hear was made using only my voice and basic effects/editing techniques,” Janice posted to her blog. Listen to samples below:
    "A Rush and a Push and the Land” uploaded by Baby by blackpiano
    “Ask” uploaded by Baby by blackpiano
    “You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet” uploaded by Baby by blackpiano

    Read more: First Listen: ‘The Smiths Project’ 6CD Box Set

    “It was a true labor of love to give up every ounce of free time for a year but it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Thank you for visiting my personal tribute to The Smiths and for cheering me on.”

    Now the project has taken on new life, as Whaley went to her fans to help fund a lavish 6CD box set that includes her front-to-back covers of The Smiths, Hatful of Hollow, Meat is Murder, The Queen is Dead, Louder Than Bombs and Strangeways, Here We Come.

    The project was funded pretty quickly via Kickstarter — the rights alone to release the covers are $24 per song, or $3,500 — and now Whaley is just about done taking pre-orders for the box set. For $60, fans who pre-order the set by March 1 will receive the 6CD collection, a poster signed by Whaley and a download code for all 71 songs. After March 1, the price will go up and the extras no longer will be available.
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    Default Re: The Smiths Project

    couldn't be any worse than the originals.

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    This is quite interesting but the tracks I've listened to ("Ask," "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others," "Death of a Disco Dancer") just don't work for me. They are overly busy and just not that pretty.

    I am going to stop trying these songs and listen to some Petra Haden so as to clear my palette.
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