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Thread: foster the people?

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    I would like to watch them live :-) their songs are very catchy.

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    They're good live. But then again, I have a major crush on Mark Foster, so I'm a little biased.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RosePopp View Post
    The band "Foster The People'' is a GREAT BAND! I'm picky when it comes to guy group bands or any band in general. But, these guys are PHENOMINAL! Their album, "Torches" is an AWESOME c.d.! All the songs are great. I absolutely LOVE them! They sound like "MGMT", & YES they do sound better than MGMT. Although, I do love MGMT as well Mark Foster, Pontius, & Cubbie Fink are brilliant!!
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    but i would vote yes on Foster

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    Saw them at the Bridge yep.... cr****
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