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Thread: The books

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    Smile The books

    are so good.
    who else can't get enough of these guys?
    I haven't looked to see if they have played any previous year,
    and I wouoldn't think of them as a possibility for a late add.
    but maybe in the future, I think they would put on a suitable
    performance for this festival.

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    Default Re: The books

    most of all
    the message board is a place
    where adds of bands
    are requested
    12/6: Japandroids/DIIV
    1/10: Mister Lies/Matthewdavid

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    Default Re: The books

    I've heard their name before
    but have yet to give them a listen
    maybe they'd be alright
    they could perhaps play next year.

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    Default Re: The books

    I am sad
    I didn't see them when they played
    At the Music Box in November
    But alas
    I don't see them
    Being added to the
    Line up
    5/15-17/15 - Psycho CA @ Observatory // 5/22/15 - Laura Jane Grace @ Hollywood Forever Cemetary // 5/27/15 - Neutral Milk Hotel @ Warner Grand Theater
    6/3/15 - Sufjan Stevens @ Dorothy Chandler // 7/15/15 - Shellac @ Regent // 7/31/15 - Melt Banana w/Torche @ Roxy

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