i never thought traffic would be interesting. but last year, shit got interesting.

i live an hour away from coachella and traffic was so bad we ended up sitting in the car for nine hours. it was insane.

but as we were pulling into the venue (on that two lane road, where it dwindled down into one lane) a white van tried to cut us off as we were going .004 mph. we had had enough and we weren't going to let some asshole who wanted to cut corners in so we tried to squeeze him off. then the window rolled down. some guy with curly hair poked his head out of the window and politely asked if they could squeeze in because they had to be on stage in 30 minutes.

of course we let them through. the front passenger of my car was curious, so he poked his head out of the window and asked "what band are you in?"

"little dragon!"

oh. well then. thank you for asking, we will let you in, curly haired man. have a great show.