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Thread: Space Available + Extra Car Camping

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    Default Space Available + Extra Car Camping

    Hey guys and girls...

    Was hesitating to post this until things on our end cleared up a little more and due to a few things (some fortunate, others unfortunate) we now have extra space on our spot as well as an extra car camping spot.

    Staying in my spot...

    My brother and I are both college students in LA and are 22 (me) and 20. He goes to LMU and I go to UCLA. We are heading to Coachella with a bunch of friends but peoples girlfriends were not down for the coolness of camping and they are staying in hotels and the sort. We will be driving down Thursday midday in a VW Toureag (which isnt the smallest car around) and are planning on pitching a 10 foot by 10 foot canopy tent and hanging highly reflective silver tarps down the side to act as walls as well as keep us cool. Sleeping on sleeping bags or air matresses, to be determined.

    Now, if you have something to contribute...not sure what we need but throw out what you have to offer and we will be willing to take on a FEW (no more then 3 or 4) people in our spot....

    For the extra car camping spot...

    Due to tickets being sold out and people not being able to go I am now also left with an additional car camping spot. In a perfect world I will sell the car camping spot to some one who can meet us some where around the venue Thursday afternoon and we can mutually benefit from the extra space that we will have by having two spots together. I understand this may not be completely possible, but its kind of what I am holding out for, for now.

    Who we are looking for...
    College students are a plus, especially if we happen to be enrolled in the same school. However, anyone between the 18-24 age will suffice. Guys are cool, girls are cooler...but this is really no matter. We are super international kids, grew up in Asia, but as white as it gets as far as race goes...just throwing it all out there. More honesty = better compatibility.

    We are extremely 420 friendly along with some other standard issue Coachella party favors. Last year was our first year and had a great time...some what of a coachella newb, but not a music festival noob by any standards. Will most likely be partying hard until late...not looking for a music filled weekend, but a party with some of the sickest track around.

    So lets see it...whos around. Also, if you need a ride and happen to work this all out perhaps we could give you a ride, have 3 free spots as of now in the back. Details to be sorted...

    -Mike R

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    Default Re: Space Available + Extra Car Camping

    sent ya a PM with some info! we didn't grab enough car camping spots, only 2 so were trying to utilize space as well.

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    Default Re: Space Available + Extra Car Camping

    pm sent!!! fuck that other guy for hogging all the space!

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    Default Re: Space Available + Extra Car Camping

    Hitting you guys back with messages now, been busy as fuck in the library with midterms. Too many adderall infused study sessions.

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    Default Re: Space Available + Extra Car Camping

    I sent you a message

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    Default Re: Space Available + Extra Car Camping

    sent you a message nig
    the day we stop learning is the day we die..


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