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Thread: Willing to accept 3 people into my camping spot

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    Default Willing to accept 3 people into my camping spot

    The lottery has been drawn. Congratulations notsteveb and Garbarator.
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    Default Re: Willing to accept 3 people into my camping spot

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    My friends ended up flaking this year, so I have a full camping spot just for m lonesome. I am willing to let 3 more people into my spot, as long as each person helps pay for my camping spot (nothing outrageous, like 25$ a person). Must be 420 friendly, I'm ok with partying to an extent, but no all night benders (I actually like to sleep in between the days at the festival). I know spots are limited, so I will allow anyone who wants a spot to be entered into a lottery drawing for the 3 spots. I will do the drawing in 2 weeks. I jst ask that you give me a description about those of you who are interested in the spot. Don't give me any bullshit sob story, I wont enter you in the lottery. PM'ing me is more recommended. Thanks
    EDIT: check your PMs, my friends are I are perfect for this.
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