Sasquatch is fantastic, I come from Edmonton Alberta Can. and the best part about Sasquatch is nearly everyone I know who is into music goes down as it is much closer, also just a more laidback vibe and a mad party. The addition of the dance tent/more electronic acts in recent years has really improved the fest as a whole, and the Gorge is a really GORGEOUS venue, pun intended.

But as far as the music goes, Coachella is on a whole other level. It's not in the same ballpark, it ain't even the same game. And frankly I consider the Polo Fields with the green grass and palm trees to be almost as beautiful as the gorge.

But I mean, I'm really into electronic music (as well as rock, indie, hip hop, most everything) and really, the thing about Coachella that really makes it stand out is the MOTHERFUCKIN SAHARA TENT. comparing the INSANE light shows and visual displays and the overall vibe as well as the acts in the Sahara to Sasquatch's "Banana Shack" is like comparing Ibiza to a hole in the wall. Or like throwing an X-Wing at a Star Destroyer. If star wars references help you understand things more clearly. It is some next-level shit.

I also have a thing for live electronic bands. For instance, crystal castles, the presets, cut copy, trentemoller, yelle, I guess leftfield though I'm not really into it, etc. And for that sort of thing Coachella can't be beat.