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    i was just wondering if there is a way to sleep for free, like without a hotel or camping tickets. i may only be going for one day, but i don't know if i want to drive home that late or, if i take a greyhound bus, i don't know if they'd run that late. so if i want to wait until the next morning, is there a way i could sleep there without using the camping grounds? like maybe sleeping just outside of the vicinity, or if they'd let you sleep in the same place as the concerts/stages without kicking you out? i've never gone before this year so i really don't have much of an idea about how everything works.

    also, any other cost-cutting alternatives to things for us poor folk? i'm definitely bringing my own food and water, at least as much as i can carry on me.

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    Just sleep on some random person's camping spot on the corner by there car, I mean.. what's the worst than can happen.
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    Yeah we have these people who sleep for free all the time. They're called hobos. On a serious note though as long as your not weird and or smell disgusting someone will likely let you sleep on their campsite. I wouldn't recommend it though just get a cheap hotel or camping. If your really that tight on money maybe don't go?
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    So we wanted to open a thread from 2007? Did you guys see where he wrote 1 day? Come on peeps lets pull it together.

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