I have family with a house and a pool 15 min away from the campgrounds. Stayed there last year with a bunch of friends and it was great. If you need a place to crash let me know. Prices are negotiable. I'd say maybe $100 per person for the whole weekend. I don't know we'll figure something out. Just putting this out there so pm if you are desperate. House has an awesome pool and plenty of couches/floor space for sleeping bags/blankets/whatever. Beds have been claimed.

RIDES - I'm driving from NorCal so if you're between SF and Indio, I have room for 3. I'll be driving to the camp grounds from my house too. That can be included for a bit more. Also, if you happen to have VIP tix you want to exchange for reg tix, check out my other post. haha sorry for the plugs. http://coachella.com/forum/showthrea...22#post2019722

pm for more info. and let me know how many people you'll have.

thanks and good luck.