Well i found this guy selling tickets off craigslist. I talked to him about purchasing the tickets for $1200 for two. I was originally going to meet him at his house and exchange half of the money for a lot of his information including a copy of his drivers license, his work number, girlfriends number haha, and copy of the receipt of his tickets. His reason for not going anymore was that he bought two tickets the day they came out then the day the tickets sold out he found out he had to go on a business trip to Florida. I was going to go get them but then i couldnt get to the bank in time to withdraw that much money and i was already in LA to meet him. So i asked if he would hold em and he said if no one bought them. 3 days passed after this then he texted me randomly saying he could sell them on paypal to me. So he put them up on ebay and i purchased them. But now i dont have any of his information. Is this sketchy? cus i know theres a 45 day period to report a problem and i just want to know whats up. He also stated he can have the wristbands expedited to my house the day after he receives them or i can meet him. What should i do?