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    Exclamation ROLL CALL

    u can post here if u r going 2 coachela


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    Quote Originally Posted by elChurro View Post
    Perry lives beneath the polo grounds. A ritual must be performed for his awakening but only after a band/dj/performance art cancellation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth85 View Post
    Perhaps an appropriate conversation starter would have been: "pardon me sir, would you mind taking your finger out of your girlfriends asshole? We're trying to enjoy LCD Soundsystem."

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    Actually, I can post wherever I fucking feel like it to claim I am going, you constricted bastard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAGER View Post
    u can post here if u r going 2 coachela

    go away
    Quote Originally Posted by mikebspeedracer View Post
    it was so dark i wasn't sure if i got blood on her or not. o well i guess thats the chance you take dancing with strangers on drugs.

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    I can see this going well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolswaglol View Post
    I don't see people on the map. somebody please help. does this mean coachella is canceled?
    Quote Originally Posted by fear_the_tree View Post
    I'm fairly convinced you can take over the world with zip ties and duct tape.
    Coachella lifer since 2007

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    Make another thread like this, not everyone will see this one.

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