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Thread: Camping or hotel?

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    Question Camping or hotel?

    What's the better experience, camping or staying at a hotel?

    Also, has anyone ever stayed at Base Camp?

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    Thanks for linking that, JLeivas! I was wondering about this too

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    too many subjective factors to say one is better than the other. only you will know the answer to that one. i've done both & if $$$ wasn't a factor, I'd say hotel/resort w/ a pool, kitchen, shower etc. But since $$$ is a factor for me, camping is always best for me. i'd rather not have to walk to a shuttle stop, wait for the shuttle, then drive (drunk/high), walk or Uber/Lyft to my hotel & back/rinse repeat everyday. That's a big waste of time i'd rather spend relaxing/drinking/partying at the campsite. To each their own. All depends what you want out of this really.
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    I like to do stuff in between days around the valley and refresh in style each morning at a house but that's jus me.

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    I'm a huge hotel fan if they're on the shuttle line. The shuttles are easy and well run, and the little things like AC, a real mattress, amazing showers, pool in the day, etc add a lot to the experience.

    I've camped, done 15+ person huge house rentals, and hotels. Hotels are the right choice for my life right now.

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