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Thread: LAX -> Palm Springs - 4/11

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    Default LAX -> Palm Springs - 4/11

    My plans fell through, leaving me to get a rental car and drive from LAX to Palm Springs on Thursday 4/11. I get in at 9am. Let me know if you need a ride. Would love to split gas money

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    Hi I am looking for a ride from Palm Springs airport to the concert. Are you driving from Palm Springs to Coachella as well?


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    If you want to save come cash me and a buddy rented a mini van and have lots of room, we fly in. N the 10th but are st suing a night in LA.

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    Default Re: LAX -> Palm Springs - 4/11

    I am just driving to palm springs then having to find a ride to coachella, lining one up now, or using a cab service of sorts. Cant park my car at coachella as I am camping and do not have a car camping pass.

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