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Thread: The British are coming...

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    Default The British are coming...

    Hi all,

    There's 3 of us heading over for our first Coachella experience from Sunny England. We have a couple of seats in our car and camp available for any interested participants.

    We're taking in some California sights beforehand so will be in San Fran and LA the previous week, so happy to pick people up...

    Any advice/tips/mustdo's also much appreciated.

    PM me if your interested (fb link appreciated). Mine's and my fellow traveler's is

    Music wise, we're most looking forward to interpol, the national, pj harvey, animal collective, foals, etc... (not sure whether that helps)

    Hope to hear from you.


    Rich x

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    Default Re: The British are coming...

    Oh look me too. Wouldn't mind one of those spaces. *messages*
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    Spending 2011 traveling the US and India, plus attending Coachella and Glastonbury. EXCITIN'.

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    Default Re: The British are coming...

    SF has some great smaller clubs/venues - Popscene and Rickshaw Stop regularly host british-pop style shows. LMK if you need restaurant recommendations.

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    Cheers for the heads up... Not quite sure how long we'll be in San Fran but totally hoping to throw ourselves into the scene...

    We were in a touring band a few years ago but never made it over stateside so we're proper looking forward to it...

    Anyone who's around from the 7th, drop me a line... Were always looking at things to do....

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    Default Re: The British are coming...

    There's some fun places to go in LA and Orange County while down here in southern california. Are you looking to do anything specific while here?

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    Default Re: The British are coming...

    im coming over from england as well. im from surrey.
    going to coachella with 3 other girls for our first ever coachella experience.
    we are so unorganized though and only have our tickets into the festival. planning on driving down from LA and just sleeping in the car somewhere random. haha! unless we come across a better offer.
    sooooo looking forward to it though....sounds like the cleanest festival ever especially compared to all the muddy festivals in england.
    bring it on!
    see ya there. x

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    Default Re: The British are coming...

    hey friend and i are interested. i sent ya a PM

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    My friend and I are going from Chico/Paradise and we plan to camp. Still looking for someone who wouldn't mind sharing their spot. We don't mind helping w/ set up, cooking, and/or pitching some money/beer/etc

    Facebook me if you might be able to help out!!/...?id=1751757802

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