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Thread: Camping at Lake Eldorado

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    Hey everyone.. a Canadian here planning on heading down with two other girls to camp at LE. Im pretty sure none of us have been to anything like this before, and Im trying to read up about supplies, etc..

    I know that LE gives you a sleeping bag.. is that one sufficient, or should I Bring another? Also.. what is the weather usually like at night... trying to decide if I Need to bring hoodies and stuff.

    Thanks for all of the advice, IM SO PUMPED!!!

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    Hey! My gf and I are also camping at Lake Eldorado this year. So stoked.

    This is the first year they have offered camping at LE so nobody can tell you for sure.

    We camped last year in tent camping and it was fairly cold at night (maybe like 50 *F). We used our sleeping bags as a bed and just slept on top of them with a couple blankets. By 8am it gets to 75-80 *F so you will roast in the mornings haha. I would guess that you should probably bring a blanket or two with you that way you're set.

    Where aboots in Canada you guys coming from? We are flying down from Seattle.
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