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Thread: SOLD OUT!!!!

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    Default SOLD OUT!!!!

    This is crazy...... Is there gonna b more tix realeased????

    Fingers crossed!!

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    Default Re: SOLD OUT!!!!

    NAW, B.
    2/21: Weyes Blood, Half Waif, 20 Minute Loop, Young Moon @ Swedish American Hall
    2/22: Uniform, Black Marble, Mall Walk, Blank Square @ Starline Social Club
    2/23: Hot Toddies, Great Apes, Brasil
    2/23: Japanese Breakfast, Miya Folick, Dante Elephante, Flying Circles @ Rickshaw Stop
    2/23: Julien Baker @GAMH
    2/24: OCD, Trash Vampire, Phosphene
    2/24: This Will Destroy You, Emma Ruth Rundle @ The Independent
    2/24: Dr. Rubenstein, Erika, Christina Chatfield @ Monarch

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    Default Re: SOLD OUT!!!!

    Yea, they'll release some more next weekend

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    Default Re: SOLD OUT!!!!

    ya they do this every year. I think last year they added 20,000 tickets. expect more before next week. the only thing is they never say when they will post them again on ticketmaster so you have to just keep refreshing the page all day. don't get discouraged.
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    Default Re: SOLD OUT!!!!

    There will be some, probably less than 1000 reserved for press, vips, city councel & their fams, etc...
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    How can some1 still 100 dollars from a broke single mom!!!!! WTF!! People r so getto!! I wouldint do that to some1 I hate

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    Default Re: SOLD OUT!!!!

    Thanks you for signing up to ask such an enlightened question. Welcome to the boards.
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    This is why you're a semi-employed cheetoh-munching fucktard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheClares View Post
    Thanks you for signing up to ask such an enlightened question. Welcome to the boards.
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    Bienvenido compa

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    Quote Originally Posted by pewpew87 View Post
    Yea, they'll release some more next weekend

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