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Thread: Do you need a place to sleep?

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    I have a car camping spot all to myself and would like to invite some people to share in my Coachella experience , I know that I will most likely receive hundreds of request to join me so I will only choose a group of people who I feel comfortable going with, I live in AZ, I will be driving a large truck, I have a small tent so if anybody has a tent big enough for 3-4 people then Ill consider it, I don't care about gender/age/race. All I ask for is respect for my property and myself. Please PM me if your are interested.

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    ^I pm'ed you! I and my friend don't want to take up too much space. We will be taking the bus down from Monterey so we can meet up with you there. I can provide you with anything that I can bring with us. That includes buds. tasty tasty buds. I have a canopy, we can bring beer, and what not.

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    I also PMed you. I'm very skinny. Also willing to provide nourishment aplenty! I've got my fingers crossed!

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    Consider yourself PMed!

    Hope you still have room available!

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