Are you tired of hearing this played-out unoriginal mundane hipster cliche?
This phrase is literally applied to almost every indie band. There are few indie/alternative bands that do manage to escape this empty criticism.
For example, for Radiohead, Pablo Honey and The Bends received critical and commercial success, and subsequently every Radiohead album since have received high-praise and commercial success. But Radiohead’s first two albums also come from a previous generation, when the entire body of indie music fans were less pretentious and narcissistic.

Animal Collective’s first two albums were very underground and limited copies of them were available. Their popularity grew with the release of each album. They are one of the most cherished bands amongst indie music fans, but they conveniently escape the “first two album” scrutiny.

This “first two albums is better” cliche is SO commonly used. What’s really going on here? Is literally every other band putting out music that decrease in quality after the debut and sophomore releases or are these “fans” naive and juvenile?

Most people are well aware that evolution is a natural process in life. None of us are really the same people we were 10 years ago, if not in regards to maturity then in regards to physical development. If people grow, develop, and mature through different phases of their life, then why in the world would a band be any different?

Do you honestly expect a band to put out the same album over and over and over and over again. If you’re not complaining about them changing their sound, then you’ll complain about all of their material sounding the same. If the quality and artistic or creative aesthetics are still present in the music then what is the big deal?

Who really has the problem- the band who creates their own art how they want to or the “fan” who complains from the sideline?

Why are indie music fan so deathly terrified of change?

Is it selfish for a “fan” to demand a band to hold on to one monotonous sound for its entire career to appease them?