Hello Coachella Family!

Okay, we have an interesting situation.*

We have a car camping pass we'd like to share, but we'd also like to share a hotel room. The big caveat is that we have little kids with us this year. I know that might sound daunting, but these kids were born to go to Coachella. They camp and do yoga and they've been to untold numbers of festivals. *They kick some serious ass.

So as much as we'd like to "rough it" the whole time, the option of showers and beds seems necessary too. If you have a hotel room and you wish you could camp a few nights, or you want to share your house rental, or *whatever*, contact me and we'll work something out. *We'll certainly be happy to pay our share, and know that we are responsible, kind people (even if we are taking our kids to a music festival).

Our ideal arrangement would be to share our campsite on Thursday night, stay in a hotel room Friday and Saturday, and then share the campsite again on Sunday. *But we are completely flexible, so if you have a counteroffer, throw*

So if you've got a hotel room pr a house to share, and you think that raising kids in a tent is a groovy thing to do, we'd love to share our weekend with you.*

Email me at cameo@thehunsakers.net.

Peace and hair grease!