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Thread: What about a house?

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    Default What about a house?

    I was thinking about to rent a house just for the weekend, does anybody knows how much it cost? I gotta do something about it cuz I didn't buy a camp tent pass on time.

    If you guys didn't buy it too, we can share a house or something, will be just a friend and me.


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    Default Re: What about a house?

    craigslist palm springs

    both good areas to start...they won't be cheap
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    Default Re: What about a house?

    I sent about 50 emails requesting quotes on just to have all of them say that they were booked or that it was too expensive, only three were decent priced and we already got one. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: What about a house?

    I can rent you a room in my house, no more than 2 people, walking distance to polo grounds, no drugs wile in the house i live at the indian palms country club in indio

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    I officially hate this message board now.

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    Default Re: What about a house? the other person said
    wouldnt expect that to be hella cheap either
    everything is gonna cost chalupas right now

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    Default Re: What about a house?

    This is our first year going the house route. We looked a bit late so we had to resort to Palm Springs, which we were hesitant to do but hope it'll be worth it. Most quotes we got were about 4K but ended up landing a decent 3bd 2ba for 1600. We probably have about 20 people, and there's a huge yard so its gonna be like a mini campground,,,
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