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Thread: Options ? willing to offer rides/money/food for a place to crash

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    Default Options ? willing to offer rides/money/food for a place to crash

    so yea i got fucked over like so many other people, i have a 3 day ffestival ticket but no where to stay, and now i would like to know my options ? i heard last year walmart let people stay over night ? is there any where else like this near the festival ?

    i really dont see it being realistic finding one of these canceled tickets even tho i will be looking and refreshing like everyone else.
    and of course i would love to stay in the campsites if possible, is there anyone willing to let me throw up a tent with them on their site ? of course i could help pay, shit i would even pay for the spot if i could put a tent up, i could help with food ? idk we could work somthing out. ANY foreigners have camping passes and need a ride from the airport ? we could help eachother out and make a deal
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