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Thread: What time does Coachella usually start?

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    Default What time does Coachella usually start?

    I'll be driving in from Austin TX & it's a 20hr drive & I have class on that Thursday before & won't be able to leave till around 4pm, so I was wondering what time the festival usually starts bc I don't wanna miss anything. Also any other advice, or tips for this nube would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Default Re: What time does Coachella usually start?

    Good place to start is typically with the FAQ on the main page.
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    Default Re: What time does Coachella usually start?

    Starts around noon on Friday.

    This is a good thread to look at:

    Please do some searching around before posting unnecessary threads. Thanks!

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    Default Re: What time does Coachella usually start?

    20 hour drive? fuck me. I hope you have multiple drivers.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: What time does Coachella usually start?

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    Default Re: What time does Coachella usually start?

    First bands usually start around 1pm.
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