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    I'm a Coachella vet from 2004-2007. Some true old timers might even remember me on this board. Haven't been the last few years, but my sister and I were thinking about making one trip back this year for old times sake. I see there have been a few changes, which leads to a couple questions...

    1. Anyone have any experience with the hotel shuttles? We'd probably stay out towards Palm Desert. The hotels where the shuttles stop seem to have crappy deals, and are all out of double rooms anyway. I could sleep in a King bed with my sister, but I think we'd rather have separate beds. There are a few other hotels close by that are cheaper and have rooms with two beds. Can you park at the hotel shuttle stops even if you are not staying at those hotels?

    2. What is this wristband crap? My sister and I both live on the East Coast and have other stuff to do besides attend music festivals. I'm guessing that many people are in the same situation. I can only do 2 days. Period. We went through the same thing back in 2007, but at least then we were able to sell our Sunday tickets. It would seem like everyone benefited. We recouped a little money. A couple of people got to see Rage. And Goldenvoice profited off whatever concessions those people bought. Now what? Is there really no way to even give away my ticket on Sunday? It seems like everyone loses. I'm wasting money, Goldenvoice is losing money, and someone out there is getting left out of the fun. Brilliant. Whose idea was this? This is so stupid it's actually making me upset. Is it true that there's nothing I would be able to do with my Sunday ticket?

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    1. yes
    2. be creative. we can't post ways to get around the rules. there is NO ticket, just a wristband.
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