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    Talking bringing stuff in

    ok i am i completely novice whenit comesto coachela so if i bring a backpack what kind of stuff should i put in it if i wanna hide weed or alchohol how thoroughly do they check your bags and if they find anything what happens

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    You can really bring in whatever you want.

    Just anything "illegal" you might need to put in your pocket. Don't have it out in the open.

    Weed, Shrooms, booze, lsd, crack, H, x, doesn't matter man. They really don't care.

    Don't get searched at all.

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    Getting liquor in is the tough one as they really like to sell you $8 beers inside. Plus it's heavy, bulky and generally obvious... not to say I'm not gonna try to get some whiskey in with me.

    The search ranges from thorough to nearly nothing. Might depend on how you look as well. Since I've aged and grayed (prematurely I might add!) security has given me a much easier time at most locations.

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