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Thread: Melt! Festival 2011

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    Myvelouria94, your inbox is full. Clear it out!

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    Charli XCX
    Blue Hawaii

    Beer Garden Stage at the campsite lineup also announced.

    "This year, you can also help bring power to the Kreidler Beer Garden stage with your very own feet as part of our M!Eco campaign. Your help is needed to get those turntables and mics on stage going for our acts to perform. The line-up reads as follows:

    Friday, 19th July:
    1pm Power To Peter DJ set +++
    2:30pm Rise meets Common Echo DJ set +++
    4pm HEY! DJ Set

    Saturday, 20th July:
    1pm The Earwig Path DJ set +++
    3:30pm Mode Davuck & Spinoza DJ set

    Sunday, 21st July:
    1pm Hecht & Zander +++
    2:30pm Local Suicide +++
    4:30pm Franz Underwear"

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    Jealous of anyone going to this. Why can't we get something like this here??? Fly Lo must be so happy to be on the main stage right before Atoms for Peace

    6/28 Vakula @ Good Room
    6/29 Anthony Parasole @ Nowadays
    6/30 Slowdive @ House of Vans
    7/1 Broken Social Scene @ Rumsey Playfield
    7/1 Bonobo @ BK Mirage
    7/1 Speedy J @ Good Room

    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Help me decide what to wear to the show I'm going to tonight, everyone. I'll post pics of my six different potential outfits in a second.
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    What is it about a band you love unconditionally that makes you adore them? Otherwise I'm going to just rip all over your shitty taste in bad bands.

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    Final additions(?) and Boiler Room

    Schwartz Dont Crack
    Phlo Finister
    Bipolar Sunshine
    King Kong Kicks
    Preller (Noisey DJ)
    LUKA ‡

    Frank Schäfer "Metal Störies"
    Berni Mayer "Black Mandel"

    Friday, 19th July 18:00-23:00 Boiler Room Übertragung
    18:00 Austra (DJ-Set)
    19:00 Zebra Katz (live)
    20:00 tba
    21:00 Digitalism (DJ-Set)
    22:00 Roosevelt (DJ-Set)

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    Alright a couple months late but want to memorialize my experience for any future board members who are interested in attending this festival which I would recommend.

    Note: the weather was sunny and hot which is not always the case and made my experience that much more enjoyable. In the past it has rained and I'm sure that would have dampened my experience.

    Campgrounds - On a big dirt field which made it very dusty and no still-water to buy (there was free water at the faucets by the showers) were probably my only complaint. Port-o-potties were abundant and kept surprisingly clean the whole weekend. They had the outdoor urinals which really should catch on more stateside. Food options were standard (kebabs, pizza, burgers, steak sandwiches, asian food) and beers were 1 euro so long as you brought back the previous beer can and the deposit token. Overall prices were really reasonable. Really relaxed security check going into the campground - people can bring in as much outside booze and food. Great for campers but by the end of the weekend there was a decent amount of broken glass around. There is a lake by the campgrounds to swim to cool off in the afternoon before heading in which was really fun. The venue is about a 15min walk along the lake or you can take the shuttle to and from the campgrounds.

    Venue - Total attendance was 25,000 which I thought was a great size - only had to deal with lines getting in a few times. Food inside was a little more expensive but with more options but nothing spectacular. Beers were 3 euros with the deposit token and return of the cup. The deposit token system really help keep the venue clean while still allowing people to drink anywhere. No free water except for the faucets in the restrooms. There were a few proper indoor bathrooms and all but one were for women. Those lines looked long but I never had an issue with port-o-potties. Stages were really close together and easy to jump around. Obviously, the venue makes Melt! special - the antique rock movers are impressive and at night are lit up/shoot fire. Pretty special especially with the full moon. The Meltselektor! Stage is also very unique. It is located on a lake beach so you can get your feet wet and not miss any action. Really cool stage for sunrise. The other stage that stood out was the Sleepless Stage which was a 24/weekend party. Really no filler DJs so at any point of the weekend you can catch something really great. Sleepless stage is outside the venue so you can bring any booze from your campground to the stage if you want. Definitely one of my favorite stages for daytime and morning sets.

    Music - Thought it was well curated. Despite being heavy on techno and house music there was a good amount of buzz indie music. I was able to have a fun day on Sunday without seeing any electronic music inside. First acts go on around 5pm and goes until 7am. Again there is always the Sleepless Stage that you can hear all the way to the campgrounds. Because of the size of the festival I was able to get really close to many acts without much effort. More so then any festival I've been to. However the very mainstream acts (ie Todd Terje & Lindstrom, Disclosure, and anything at the Big Wheel Stage) were absolutely packed. Sound varied from stage to stage. None featured the mountain stacks of funktion ones but only one stage (Big Wheel Stage) had noticeably subpar sound. For me, the music was a huge draw and it seems every year they have a very solid lineup - almost too good as there was so much that I missed out due to conflicts.

    People - About 1/3 foreigners, mostly British, Dutch, and Belgium. Met up with and camped with Sleepingrock and friends and met up with Myvelouria94. It was a pleasure to meet you guys. Everyone I met were really nice and just wanted to have a good time. I would say the party vibe is pretty similar to Coachella but with their own nuances. I liked how they used confetti at the drops and had a blast learning all the different dancing styles from different nationalities. Favors seemed easy enough to find if you were looking for it. Thought it was really funny how much people loved NO2 there. For how much was going on, everyone was well behaved.

    So yeah, I would highly recommend this festival to anyone interested. It was really easy to get to - there are shuttles that will pick you up from the Airport in Berlin and the campground store has basically anything you need (Tent, easy up ect.). I thought everything was very affordable but people there were complaining how the festival is becoming more and more expensive without the major headliners and is too big now. Hipsters are a universal language. If you are looking to do a smaller niche european festival focused on electronic music, I would look into this one.

    Highlights: Atoms for Peace, The Knife, Oliver Koletzki, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Todd Terje & Lindstrom, Howling, Diamond Version, Rhye (only in Germany they would have a seated festival show), Owen Pallet, Wanklemut, Anja Schneider, Karenn, JETS, Ben UFO, Diamond Version v. Modeselektor, Christian Loeffler, Owiny Sigoma Band
    5/23 Lena Wilikens @ F8 | 5/24 Las Sucias, Cube, Group Rhoda @ Hemlock Tavern | 5/26 Fever Ray @ Fox Theater | 5/30 Slowdive @ Filmore

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    Melt! was definitely great. I agree with everything you said there, although if I were to go again I would try and rent a spot out nearby since the camping got to me by the last day.

    Top acts, although I didn't see anything particularly : The Knife, Trentemoller, Todd Terje & Lindstrom, Modeselektor & Apparat, Ry X Frank Wiedemann, Modeselektor vs Diamond Version, Karenn, Atoms for Peace.

    One bummer was that the Modeselektor stage didn't run on Sunday, so having that section roped off was a bit of a bummer.

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