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Thread: Jimmy ****ing Eat World

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    Default Re: Jimmy ****ing Eat World

    Setlist from a few weeks ago in AZ. Probably one of my favorite sets of the 10+ times that I have seen them.

    I Will Steal You Back
    Big Casino
    My Best Theory
    Thinking, That's All
    (first time since 2011; tour debut)
    The Authority Song
    Your New Aesthetic
    Lucky Denver Mint
    Hear You Me
    For Me This Is Heaven
    (Jim solo acoustic)
    Heart Is Hard to Find
    Let It Happen
    No, Never
    Always Be
    Goodbye Sky Harbor
    A Praise Chorus
    Bleed American

    Chase This Light
    The Middle

    I would have preferred Blister instead of Chase this Light in the encore, and I'm also disappointed that they have left out Get it Faster the last few times I have seen them, but other than that it was great. I really don't think these guys are ever going away, they still sell a ton of tickets and seem to have a great time playing shows. Next year will be there 20 year anniversary as a band.
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    Default Re: Jimmy ****ing Eat World

    They sound really good on the ACL webcast right now.
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    The only time I saw them was at the 2005 Weenie Roast in the midafternoon. Short set. Should have gone to the Bleed American or Futures anniversary shows.
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