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Thread: Har Mar Superstar 2015

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    Default Har Mar Superstar 2015

    Who else is down? Hoping to see him on the lineup!


    Quote Originally Posted by Blaker View Post will usually hear House music at a HOUSE (thus the name), Drum and Bass can be played anywhere and requires both a DRUM and a BASS in the song to be apart of the DnB genre, where EDM music stands for European Digital Music and really doesn't need an explanation because everyone knows what that sounds like.
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    Default Re: Har Mar Superstar 2015

    I'm down with Har Mar.
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    Default Re: Har Mar Superstar 2015

    I gets down with this ..

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    Default Re: Har Mar Superstar 2015

    They were pretty fun at El Rey earlier this month.
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    Melted my face off at Skrillex

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